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Luke Studer, Bali – Indonesia

Luke shaped his first boards in his parents garage, at the age 18. “It was a twiny, it went alright, my dad was a carpenter so I had all the tools to get started…” After high school Luke moved to Huntington Beach and began working for Sakal Surfboards, sanding and shaping boards on their side for himself and a few friends.

After saving a bit money, Luke traveled to Indonesia and was hooked. Each year he’d stay a bit longer, taking with him his new designs to test in the perfect waves of Indo. Eventually he was flying home just the to finace the next trip. Back in H.B , he’d work 6 days a week, sanding for labels like Lost, Cole and Chilli, while continuing to develop his own shapes and designs. Slowly but surely the demand for Luke’s boards grew more and more.

About five years ago, Luke packed up his planner, template and set out to make Bali home base. “It’s working out really well, a lot  of my customers and friends all travel here at least once a year, so now they call and order quivers, and I have their boards shaped and ready when they land..they’re stocked, no excess baggage…hahaha”

Luke is one of the new generation of shapers taking advantage of modern technologies, that allows him to focus on designing the best possible boards for all types of waves. Key elements contribute to the success and overall quality of Lukes boards. “Indonesia is providing the perfect hi-performance testing ground which allows me to continually improve my designs” Lately Luke has been working side by side with shapers like James Chilli, Murry Bourton, Dyan Longbottom and gaining crucial feedback from surfers like Dede Suryana, Travis Potter and The Jones Brothers, along with many other experienced surfers. The combining results of these unique factors have set Luke’s craftsmanship far ahead of standard…

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